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David Taylor Interview (BASCHAMANIA Podcast)

Published January 17th, 2020 by Baschteam

2018 World Champion David Taylor was recently on the BASCHAMANIA Podcast as he caught up with Justin Basch on a variety of topics including balancing all that he's doing, how he won a World Championship, how he's preparing for the Olympic Games & more.

Official Show Recap:

David Taylor is not only as successful of a wrestler as it gets, already having won titles from the State level to the NCAA & Big 10 level on up to a World Championships & currently training for an Olympic Championship, The Magic Man is also an accomplished Entrepreneur involved with multiple companies.  My friend David and I caught up today and covered a variety of topics in a short period of time! 

Topics include:

- Thoughts on Having a Baby Girl 
- How Rebhabbing the Injury is Going 
- Staying busy during Injury Recovery 
- How DT Balances Everything He Does 
- How DT Learned to Balance Everything 
- Getting Back To Training & Prepping for Olympic Trials 
- How The  World Championships Prepared The Magic Man for the 2020 Olympic Championships 
- What it Means That The Olympic Trials are in State College 

Listen to the David Taylor Interview here.